At First-Place we continue to grow and succeed in the home building industry and it doesn't go unnoticed. Below are articles that First-Place has been featured in concerning the housing market and our position within this ever changing industry.

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"Best suburbs to invest: where you can make $1m+ in 10 years"

Sophie Foster and Aidan Devine | Feb 5, 2023

Savvy Millennials have become millionaires by working the system to find the best suburbs to make money off the property market. And now, data from PropTrack...

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"Home renovations slide as interest rates continue to rise"

Emily Power | Oct 4, 2022

The rate of home renovations is slipping as interest rates rise. The Reserve Bank of Australia on Tuesday again hiked the nation's cash rate, this time by 0.25 points...

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"The hidden cost of sustainability: How 7-star homes will impact the environment and affordability"

Daniel Senia | Sept 21, 2022

In new home construction there has always been a fine balance between benefit and the cost impact on consumers. One of the most challenging of these areas...

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"With high prices and soaring rents, what are political parties promising to do about housing?"

Daniel Ziffer | May 9, 2022

If the great Australian dream is the security of owning your home, the election campaign might feel like waking late to discover the alarm on your phone has been ringing...

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"Housing affordability crisis leading to fewer babies"

Ronald Mizen | Dec 11, 2021

Affordability for first home buyers continued to deteriorate last financial year, which demographers and social researchers believe is contributing to couples having smaller families and taking longer to start them...

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"Seven strategies to help first home buyers qualify for a loan"

Duncan Hughes | Jan 20, 2023

Kathryn O’Beirne, a 47-year-old school teacher, is under “continual stress” as she waits to find out whether her third attempt at seeking home loan approval...

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"Ballarat mortgage payments increase at the Reserve Bank of Australia raises the cast rate 25 basis points"

Nieve Walton | Oct 4, 2022

home-owners have been hot again following the sixth consecutive rate rise this year while buyers looking to enter the market face...

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"Geelong Cats fan on clawing through building industry's tough times"

Ev Foley | Sept 5, 2022

With land in short supply and building costs rising more than $20,000 per stage release, Daniel Senia, Managing Director, First Place Building, argues that the industry's... 

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"Is Australia feeling the Waitrose effect?"

Nina Hendy | Mar 4, 2022

It is a simple fact that the location of a development and the profile of its neighbours will have a profound impact on its saleability. Buyer look for convenience...

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"The great Australian challenge"

Daniel Senia | Dec 3, 2021

With decreasing affordability across the home building industry, the "great Australian dream" of home ownership has become the "great Australian challenge" for first-home buyers...

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"Major changes are coming to Victorian home designs"

Daniel Senia | Oct 14, 2022

The latest iteration of the National Construction Code (NCC) has been released this month and includes the most significant set of code changes since...

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"Why now is still the best time to build"

Daniel Senia | Sept 15, 2022

We all hear about supply shortages and cost increases hitting the building industry. This naturally causes hesitation for new buyers considering...

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"Build more homes to make housing more affordable, says property industry"

Daniel Ziffer | May 9, 2022

Major parties are promising to build about 30,000 social homes, but the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute says there is a shortfall of 433,000 properties...

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"Demand for first-home buyers in Geelong is seeing it harder to get into the market"

Cheandre Llewellyn | Feb 26, 2022

First-home buyers are being urged to look to Geelong for land. First Place Building's Daniel Senia said value in an unaffordable market benefits the local area...

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"Crypto goes real world for home buyers"

Marion Rae | Nov 17, 2021

Some want to buy a house or get paid in cryptocurrency, others just want to have fun with Blockchain gaming. Millennials, Generation Z and developers are looking to expand the use of cryptocurrencies and digital payments...

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